We offer the Nationally Recognized courses from the CHC Community Services Training Package.

After considerable consultation with clients we have tailored the courses to meet client's needs. Elective units were chosen with careful consideration of workplace requirements.

We have customised the course recognising that all of the students are working in Early Childhood Education and Care and take into account on the job learning and assessment options.

Most of our students are Trainee's (see the Australian Apprenticeships website for further details on how to become a trainee).

A traineeship or apprenticeship is a study pathway whereby a student will receive formal training on-the-job combined with classes whilst still employed in a service. For more information about the benefits of a traineeship, read what the benefits are in undertaking this funding.

All our programs are flexibly delivered. This means that the student undertaking the course is able to learn through self paced study online, classroom delivery, and workplace training and coaching.

After Hours Assessing Available
For the students who have limited time available to complete their verbal assessment with trainers, are now able to request for a verbal questioning interview that will be held afterhours so that students can complete this assessment without losing time on the floor with the children.

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Feedback Survey

Rowe Training and Consulting are looking for feedback from you so that we can continuously improve our delivery of our qualifications. From this feedback, we are able to create and apply changes that will better benefit the student and service.