Project management


We can provide you with a Comprehensive project managment service, to ensure you of the outcomes required we utlise the following steps:

Definition is used to appraise the need for the project and clarify timing, cost, and performance indicators. It also identifies specific results and the value that the project should produce, balanced against the appropriate level of available resources.

Planning is used to determine who will do what and when. Planning combines the technical sequencing and scheduling of deliverables and resources with the people-oriented tasks such as gathering the right people for project work and gaining their commitment to project success. It also includes risk management of the project.

Implementation looks at the controlled and effective use of resources to ensure project outcomes. It includes overcoming the common hazards of project management. Then monitoring and problem solving project issues. It includes efforts to ensure that project goals and outcomes are achieved and to leverage new opportunities.

Project Management Communication is open throughout the project definition, planning, and implementation. It includes distinct leadership skills for managing human performance and addressing stakeholder involvement and satisfaction.

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How much do you charge for training and management consulting?

Our philosophy at Rowe Training & Consulting is that no two organizations are the same. Therefore not only do we tailor our product to suit you we tailor your investment too.