Coaching and mentoring

We are able to provide you with a unique coaching and/or mentoring service. Mentoring is tailored to suit each individuals needs. Once this is established, goals are developed and the mentor establishes a program of support.

Many managers/directors are now enquiring about leadership coaching.

This leads us to Explore what Leadership means...

When we hear the word Leadership, our first connections are with Managers… But are our managers leaders and our leaders managers?

Managers are people who perform a position or a role. They are not necessarily leaders, and many of us have complaints of people in manager’s roles that they lack direction.

So what are the characteristics of leaders and what makes them different from just managers?

We have all known a person we look up to and admire, these leaders have inspired us in some way, and we have developed a trust in them. Leadership is all about having followers, many managers can complete tasks on time and organize people to ensure projects are completed but fewer can actually motivate the same people to get themselves organized and decide how they want the team project completed.

For leadership to flourish the relationships between leader, followers and the circumstances must all be at the right dynamic. Not always can you take a leader from one instance and put that same individual into other circumstances and expect the same leadership results.

Now back to leadership characteristics they can range from integrity and motivational, to knowledgeable and caring. Depending on the situation we all look for different characteristics in our leaders.

Think about your leaders today, do they have the characteristics needed to get you to follow them?? And are you a leader or just a manager.