In the wake of recent Federal Opposition promises, there has been some backlash from certain sections of the media and public.

If not you, then who? Defending early education.

"In the last two weeks policy proposals from the Federal Opposition and the Victorian Government have promised three year olds more subsidised access to early education. 

The Federal Opposition proposal would see $1.75 billion more to extend the existing Universal Access program from 4 year olds to 3 year olds. This would enable 3 year olds to also access subsidised early education if their families want them to. The $5 billion Victorian Government proposal will give all children in Victoria 15 hours of subsidised early education from 2020, regardless if the Labor Party wins the next Federal Election or not. The NSW Government have already promised a much smaller subsidy ($200 million) to NSW community preschools to allow 3 year olds some access in NSW."

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