Little People, Big Dreams Conference October 2018

Coming up in October is the 2018 Little People, Big Dreams Conference held at the Darwin Convention Centre. This is a great conference to liaise with your fellow educators and listen to some great talks from leading Industry Experts.

2018 Program

Leadership in Practice

From keeping up to date with the latest research in best practice to developing and sharing knowledge, being an effective leader is vital to the success of education and care settings.

In this conference theme we focus on building capacity in leadership and the various practices that reflect good leadership styles.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

High quality early to middle childhood programs require practitioners to make critical pedagogical decisions about curriculum content, engaging learning techniques and the most effective teaching practices for each child. This conference theme will encourage delegates to challenge their mindset and engage in thought-provoking reflections about professional practice.

Health & Wellbeing

Supporting children to lead a life that enables them to fulfil their goals and aspirations starts with the adults who care for them.  Lifelong, lifestyle habits, including physical, social and emotional norms, are formed in childhood and this conference theme focuses on the practical strategies that practitioners can utilise that promote positive health and wellbeing.


Environments for children are an integral part of curriculum and they should complement each other. In this conference theme we will focus on the powerful effects of creating well defined spaces, having meaningful resources, offering welcoming spaces for children and families, and providing plenty of opportunities for risk taking and challenges.

Workforce Development

In this Conference theme we look at practices focused on overcoming challenges in the sector to improve workforce development. From combatting high turnover to improving onboarding processes, we will hear from innovative employers who have excelled in the delivery of quality education and care, while also providing staff with a high-quality workplace and attractive employments conditions.

Family & Community Engagement

Children’s learning and developmental outcomes are optimised when families, educators and the wider community work together. A strong cross-sectoral, collaborative approach is critical for positive change to occur in the lives of children with developmental vulnerabilities.

This conference theme highlights successful ways of engaging with families and communities, and the respectful and supportive relationships this engagement needs.